Passionate About Web Design and Development

About Me

Mark Web Developer

Hi, my name is Mark and I am passionate about technology, web design, and web development. Having recently graduated from the University of Bath with a first class Applied Computing degree I am now looking for work opportunities.

I started my professional career in computing as a freelance Flash Developer back in the noughties, successfully developing Flash games, microsites, and multimedia applications. One of my biggest achievements was having a Flash game published on the BBC website.

In the following years, as the demise of Flash became apparent I learnt new skills that enabled me to develop small brochure websites and newsletters for email marketing campaigns. Additionally, I became increasingly interested in the technologies and programming languages that were used to create the dynamic content often associated with Web 2.0.

However, finding work consistently as a freelancer was proving difficult, and therefore in 2014 I decided to return to full-time education in order to improve my career prospects. In addition to my studies, I volunteered for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust utilising my IT skills to maintain and add further functionality to an existing intranet database application.

Technical Skills and Competencies

  • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Responsive Design
  • JavaScript / JQuery / JQueryUI / DataTables / Hightcharts
  • PHP / MySQL / WordPress / CodeIgniter
  • ASP.NET / C# / WPF / SQL Server Management Studio
  • Usability and user experience testing

I enjoy coding to provide solutions to real world problems, and have developed a broad range of technical skills. Above all, I believe that good communication is crucial in order to facilitate the successful delivery of projects that fully meet client requirements.